工作邮件应当写得正式清楚,以下是为你起草的邮件,请采纳: Dear Sir, I'd like to install WIN7 system for working purpose. The IT department required me to get your permission. Waiting for your approvement. Tks & rgds. XXX

特此申请,请领导批准,的英文翻译_百度翻译 特此申请,请领导批准, Please apply for approval, 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 approval_百度翻译 approval 英[əˈpru:vl] 美[əˈpruvəl] n. 批准; 同意; 赞成; [例句]The cha...

Dear XXX, It's an honour to work under your leadership. Your patience, decisiveness and shrewdness helped me understand what a brilliant leader should be like. I learnt quite a lot from you. I'd appreciate that you can approve ...

“特此申请,请领导批准,” "I hereby apply for approval of the leadership," “特此申请,请领导批准,” "I hereby apply for approval of the leadership,"

verify 一般是提交者的直接上司或其他相关人员,就是复审的概念 check 一般是本人检查的意思 for approval 一般是最终拍板决定的人,他签了就可以执行。 一般企业只有submit,verify ,approve 这三级

通过邮件向领导申请休假按照可以在邮件内委婉的写明休假原因,希望领导批准,然后附件附上请假条。 写请假条需要注意下述事项: 1、时间上:提前写 要请假,提前写请假条几乎是所有企业对员工请假的明文(或默认)要求; 当然,如有特殊情况,临时...

直接说明即可,这类问题无需拐弯抹角。 按理应该人事通知的。

Approved & checked by:

Dear Mr ..., I would like to apply for a pay vacation from 9th~10th, Oct. I will hand all my jobs to ...upon your approval. Kindly let me know your comments. Yours, sincerely XXX 年假用annual leave也可以 补充回答: Would you pl...

Will the leader approve my off application?

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